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Cooperation partner

Cooperation partner

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Contact Us

Dear partners:

In order to promote the integrated development of supply chain finance and technology, and better provide you with safe, convenient and high-quality services, with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration, "上海欧冶金融信息服务股份有限公司" was officially renamed "上海欧冶金诚信息服务股份有限公司" (still referred to as "欧冶金服"). Relevant changes are announced as follows:

1、 On March 8, 2023, the company completed the company name change procedure and obtained a new business license, and officially changed its name to "上海欧冶金诚信息服务股份有限公司". From March 9, the official seal, special seal for contract, special seal for finance and special seal for invoice of “上海欧冶金诚信息服务股份有限公司” were officially put into use. The original official seal, special financial seal and other seals shall be suspended simultaneously.

2、 The name change will not affect the company's existing business development and product services. After the change of name, the business subject and legal relationship remain unchanged. All the creditor's rights and debts of the original "上海欧冶金诚信息服务股份有限公司" are inherited by the renamed "上海欧冶金诚信息服务股份有限公司". The original contract agreement remains valid, the original business relationship and service commitment remain unchanged, and we will still abide by and perform it.

Ouyeel will continue to provide you with high-quality services and maintain good cooperative relationship with you. We hope to get your cooperation in the work and business transactions involving related name changes. Thank you for your long-term support and help!


March 8, 2023